We'll Recycle Your Old Wetsuit

This service is currently not available in Malaysia & Singapore.

Calling all surfers- it’s time to give your old wetsuits a second life.

In 2021, Rip Curl partnered with TerraCycle to launch the first of its kind wetsuit recycling program throughout Australia, offering surfers an environmentally friendly solution to discarding their old wetsuits.

After seeing huge demand and great success, we’re thrilled to announce that the Recycle Your Wetsuit program is now being expanded to France, Portugal, Spain, and the United States.

Rip Curl Environmental Social Governance Manager, Shasta O’Loughlin, states that Rip Curl is incredibly proud to be paving the way in creating a sustainable alternative to divert wetsuits from landfill.

‘We are so stoked to extend this program to our US, France, Spain, and Portugal customers. Since the launch of the program over 1600 Australian customers have dedicated time and effort to return their wetsuits for recycling. We hope each engagement also has a wider environmental impact by encouraging our customers to consider the end-of-life consequences of their purchases,’ says Shasta.

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