Rip Curl prides itself for making products for The Search - To do so, the products must be of the highest quality and must be able to withstand the test of nature. 

Here is our warranty & information on:-

For the process of how to claim against our warranty, please email us at hello@ripcurl.com.my



The Warranty
Our warranties only apply to watches purchased from authorized Rip Curl retailers (with purchase receipt from an authorized retailer). Without limitation to this, our warranties do not apply to products purchased from discount outlets, non-authorized online retailers, on E-bay or similar auction sites as we have no certainty as to where such products are sourced and how they have been treated.

  • 2 years on Movements from the date of purchase.
    Note: A Movement is the part inside the Watch that makes it work, but it does not include the Crown, sometimes called the Winder.

  • 2 years on Waterproof from the date of purchase.
    Note: We recommend all Watches be serviced, resealed and tested for water resistance every year as heat, temperature changes, salt and other elements will diminish waterproofness over time. Have this done at the Rip Curl Watch Service Center and we will then issue a new warranty for another year. Cost for the service and resealing to be provided upon request.
  • 1 year on batteries from the date of purchase.
    Note: Rip Curl's Service Center can replace all batteries and at the same time will reseal and test the watch functions and water resistance. We will then issue a new one year warranty on the new battery. Cost for battery changing will be given upon request.

Not covered by warranty:

      • Glass
      • Band
      • Case
      • Dials / Hands
      • Crown / Stem

The warranty is void if the watch is opened by anyone other than a Rip Curl Service Centre.

Also not covered is damage caused by general wear and tear or any accidental damage. All warranty claims MUST be sent with a purchase receipt clearly showing the purchase date. 

The warranty book is not proof of purchase without a purchase receipt. eg. a purchase receipt is the cash register receipt or your credit card statement.  Rip Curl reserves the right to repair or replace, with an equivalent style, any warranty watch.

Recommended Usage & Test

  • 100M / 330ft - Suitable for Water Sports. e.g. Surfing, Snorkeling, Swimming, Water Skiing.
  • 200M / 660ft - Suitable for Water Sports. e.g. Surfing, Snorkeling, Swimming, Water Skiing, Scuba Diving to standard legal depths.

Rip Curl watches are tested to the highest industry standards with the best Swiss pressure testing equipment and are purpose built for Surfing.

All Industry Standards watch testing is done to an overpressure situation in a static laboratory environment and does not signify a diving depth. See recommended usage table.

Due to the fact that Surfing is in no way a static sport there are influences that can effect a watches ability to keep water out. e.g.: Frequent temperature changes, salt water and big wipeouts can diminish the longevity of the watches rubber seals.

To keep your watch in peak condition for Surfing we recommend every 24 months you have your watch seals replaced and fully tested at the Rip Curl Watch Service Centre. Wicked Wave Sdn Bhd assumes no responsibility for any loss, or any claims by third parties that may arise through the use of this watch. 

Watch Care

  • Only use your watch for approved sports as detailed above.
  • Do not operate buttons under water.
  • If watch is exposed to salt water, rinse thoroughly in freshwater and wipe dry with a soft cloth.
  • Do not clean watch with spray cleaners, thinners or other such volatile agents.
  • Do not wear leather bands in water, unless your watch features Surf Leather.
  • Never try to open the watch. Have batteries changed by Rip Curl technicians only.
  • Avoid exposing your watch to extreme temperatures.
  • Should moisture appear inside the watch, have it checked by Rip Curl technicians.
  • Though Rip Curl watches are produced to high standards avoid dropping the watch and rough treatment.
  • Avoid exposing the watch to gasoline, cleaning solvents, aerosol sprays, paint etc. as chemical reactions with such agents will destroy seals, case and finish.
  • Avoid magnetic fields as they may effect the time keeping of your watch.
Thank your choosing Rip Curl. Your new Rip Curl watch has been designed and built to the highest quality and durability standards.


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Backpacks, Wallets and Travel Accessories

  • 1 year from date of purchase on manufacturing defects.
    Note: Rip Curl bags, wallets and travel accessories are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year from original date of purchase when used under normal conditions and for the purpose intended. This warranty does not apply to damage caused by normal wear and tear, or unreasonable use or neglect. Please keep your receipt, as proof of purchase is required.

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A warranty is not offered on any Rip Curl swimwear.

We provide a 14 days exchange policy from the date of purchase on swimwear when the product meets our exchange policy and the below requirements.

  • Product is unworn
  • Hygiene sticker remains intact
  • All swing tags are attached to garment
  • Item must be returned in its original packaging

My Bikini Care Instructions

  • Hand wash separately in cold water with a mild detergent.
  • Drip dry in the shade.
  • Rinse thoroughly after use.
  • Do not wring, soak or bleach the garment.
  • Do not leave rolled up wet.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Do not iron.
  • Do not dry clean.
  • Be careful wearing your bikini in chlorinated water as it will damage your bikini. Ensure you rinse thoroughly after use.
  • Fake tanning products and some sunscreen lotions may damage swimwear. Take extra care in the application of these products & always ensure they completely dry before they come in contact with your swimsuit.
  • In order to remove trapped sand, gently run your fingernail over the dried swimwear fabric.
  • Avoid contact with rough surfaces as this may cause some pilling to the swimwear fabric.

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